Letter, John Whitehead to Stella Randolph, Sept. 3, 1934 p.4 (numbered 3)

Flying Machines we decided to build a flying

fish type aeroplane, designed together an

improved steering device incorporating a

joint control of wing tips and both horizontal

an[d] vertical rudder, we made a fair sized

model of body with wings and tail, flew it as

a kite, had also a photo taken of same.


Letter, John Whitehead to Stella Randolph, Aug. 6, 1934, p.3

Rudder was a combination of horizontal

and vertical finlike affaire, the principle the

same as in up to date Aeroplanes. For steering
there was a rope from on [of] the most forward Wingtip ri[b] to the one opposed running over a pull[e]y, in front of operator a lever was connected to pull[e]y, the same pully controlled also the tail rudder at the same time.